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Results of the Casting Games on January 15, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Here are the scores from the first casting games of 2017. We were fortunate to have a break in the rain this weekend. From this point forward, we will be posting only the top 5 scores from each event. Tristan and David Earp joined us for the first time, and we hope that you had fun. We love to see new faces!

Dry Fly                 Bass Bug               Wet Fly

Chris Korich 100                                       Ralph Hardin 94                                          Chris Korich 97
Ralph Hardin 99                                          Chris Korich 93                                           Ken Deleray 96
Luis Montes 98                                          John Thiele 92                                             Ralph Hardin 96
Elaine Gong 95                                            Luis Montes 92                                            Elaine Gong 93
John Thiele 94                                              Alice Gillibert 84                                        Luis Montes 89

"C" Casters (3 targets)
Tristin Earp 94
David Earp 93


1/4 oz. Plug          5/8 oz. Plug

Donna O'Sullivan 87                               Elaine Gong 80
Elaine Gong 81                                          Alice Gillibert 77
Alice Gillibert 81                                       Donna O'Sullivan 71



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