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About Us

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Our Mission

To cast for fun and recreation with various types of fishing tackle (fly fishing, plug casting, spinning, etc), so as to improve proficiency in fishing for fun and recreation and to enjoy casting for its own sake; and participate in tournament competition, (casting for accuracy or distance) with others similarly inclined, for fun and recreation; and to try to help other people learn how to use various types of fishing tackle for fun and recreation.

Our History

The Oakland Casting Club was established in 1941. As a non-profit organization, our goals have always been to help people cast better, to help people understand their tackle more intelligently, and to catch more fish – all in the name of fun.

First Meeting Minutes from 1941
The minutes from the meeting creating The Oakland Casting Club in 1941

We are very proud to be the stewards of the Leona Casting Pools. These pools were dedicated June 15, 1958 and our members of The Oakland Casting Club were instrumental in the initiation, funding, design and construction. Our Facilities Committee and our team of volunteers clean and maintain the two casting pools. In recent years, we have developed innovative ways to conserve water, and we are happy to ensure that the public and our members enjoy these world-class casting facilities throughout the year.

Annually, we make donations to organizations that support casting, conservation and service. We are proud to support local, state and national charities. We also partner with organizations such as the Oakland Parks and Recreation to offer casting lessons to youths.

Community Casting