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Tournament Casting

When you practice your fly casting, you should always aim at targets. If you follow this advice and cast at targets (like the hoops in the pool), in essence, you are honing the same skills used in tournament casting.

Twice a month, The Oakland Casting Club and the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club host “Casting Games” on a Sunday morning. These are intended to be fun, informal gatherings for local casters. The Casting Games test one another’s casting skills and they help gauge your progress as you practice.

Twice a year, The Oakland Casting Club and the Long Beach Casting Club host the Northwestern and Southwestern Casting Tournaments, respectively. These are regional tournaments, held over two days, that attract casters from the Western United States. Casters can compete in one of three different divisions (levels), and penalties are modified so that weaker casters can be more competitive with better casters. Although it is a formal contest, the format encourages participation and the focus is on having fun.

Maxine at Nationals

Once a year, the American Casting Association chooses a casting club to host a National Casting Tournament. The best casters from across the United States compete in the same events as those of our “Casting Games”. Aggregate scores from this multi-day event determine the top five casters who will be named to the All-American Fly Casting Team. Members of the All-American Team are subsequently eligible to participate in the World Championships of Fly Casting, held once every two years.

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Club Champions

Our current members include the 2016 Women's Fly Accuracy World Champion (Maxine McCormick), the 2016 Men's Fly Accuracy World Champion (Chris Korich), the 2016 Silver Medalist at the World Championships in Spey Distance (15’ and 16’, Donna O’Sullivan), and the 2016 Bronze Medalist in the Men's Fly Accuracy World Championship (Glenn McCormick).

We have seven current members who have been a member of the All-American Fly Casting Team and three current members (Chris Korich, Alice Gillibert and Henry Mittel) who have been inducted into the American Casting Association's Hall of Fame.

In 2015 and 2016, members of The Oakland Casting Club brought back 65 of the 72 available medals from the US National Casting Championships!

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