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What Happened on the Eastern Sierra Outing?

Eleven OCCers had a fantastic time exploring the waters and landscape of the Eastern Sierra from September 5 to September 9, 2019. Members tried their hands at brookies and rainbows at 10,000+ feet on both Lee Vining and… Read More

Kistler Ranch Bass Outing

The weather was great! The company was even better. The bass were biting! Vlad caught fish! Sometimes, the cuss words were bigger than the fish, and sometimes, the fish were bigger than the smiles. It was an epic… Read More

Eagle Canyon Trophy Trout

Despite the weather forecast, The OCC went to Eagle Canyon Trophy Trout Lakes! Although water clarity wasn’t optimal, we still caught fish! Check out the photos. And guess what? The weather was pretty good. Our next trip will… Read More

Looking For a Rowable, Frameless, Inflatable Watercraft?

Ken Brunskill is planning to purchase a watercraft that is rowable, frameless, and inflatable. In this process, Ken compiled a sheet characterizing his options. If you are interested, you can download his specification sheet comparing them. It sounds like… Read More

Update to Clean Water Rule: Trout Unlimited Opposes EPA and Army Corps of Engineers

On Tuesday, December 12, 2018, the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)(Agencies) unveiled a proposal to significantly narrow the scope of protections for our nation’s waters. The proposal would replace a 2015 rule… Read More

When Should You Accelerate the Rod During a Back Cast?

  A common problem in fly casts is the line slapping the water behind the caster. It’s a problem that once plagued me, too. There may be fish behind us, but that’s not where we are fishing. Once… Read More

Maxine McCormick on ABC7!

For those of you who missed it, Dan Noyes from ABC7 did a story on Maxine McCormick, Teen Who Honed Skills in San Francisco Becomes Fly Casting Prodigy.

Where Are The Fish In The Hat River?

JK. There were tons of fish in the Hat River, and they were constantly rising in the evenings when we visited the fishery. Thanks to Luong, the Tenkara Tanuki, we were introduced to some new stretches. Some of… Read More

On-The-Water Tenkara Workshop: Video Update!

Luong Tam hosted a On-The-Water Tenkara workshop for The Oakland Casting Club in the Eastern Sierras on May 12. Watch the video!  

Did Everyone Catch Fish at Eagle Canyon Trophy Lakes?

What a trip! It’s not often that EVERYONE on an outing catches a fish, but it happened on this one! As always, the fish were big! The fish were too heavy to hold out towards the camera to… Read More