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Month: January 2017

Why Does Aiming at Targets Improve Your Fly Casting?

Casting Pools

When Chris Korich asked me what my goal was for casting a number of years ago, I naively told him that I want to be able to cast to the other side of the small pond (~93 feet)…. Read More

OCC Member To Be Inducted Into California Outdoors Hall of Fame

Chris Korich

In case you missed the SF Chronicle article, OCC member and Director, Chris Korich, just became the top vote recipient for the 2017 California Outdoors Hall of Fame. Chris, along with 3 other deserving winners, will be inducted… Read More

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Honors OCC Member

Our member, Nicole Kozicki, has been honored as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife 2017 Wildlife Officer of the Year. This honor is awarded annually to only one officer in the state of California. In its announcement, the… Read More

Results of the Casting Games on January 15, 2017

Hi Everyone, Here are the scores from the first casting games of 2017. We were fortunate to have a break in the rain this weekend. From this point forward, we will be posting only the top 5 scores from each… Read More

November Tournament Results

Hi Everyone! Here are the scores from our November casting tournament, which was a lot of fun! We were lucky enough to have some great weather that day. Our next tournament is January 15 starting at 9:30 am…. Read More