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When Should You Accelerate the Rod During a Back Cast?

  A common problem in fly casts is the line slapping the water behind the caster. It’s a problem that once plagued me, too. There may be fish behind us, but that’s not where we are fishing. Once… Read More

One Key to a Good Front Cast Is a Better Back Cast

As I started casting to targets, I began to notice an occasional dip in the fly leg of my front loop. It was a precursor to a tailing loop. If the dip was bigger or the loop was… Read More

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Why Does Aiming at Targets Improve Your Fly Casting?

When Chris Korich asked me what my goal was for casting a number of years ago, I naively told him that I want to be able to cast to the other side of the small pond (~93 feet)…. Read More

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Aiming is Key to Casting with Accuracy

One of the most important keys to improving your cast is to aim at a target. When I am sight-fishing, I am trying to place my dry fly precisely in front of the fish in the correct lane…. Read More