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November Tournament Results

Hi Everyone!

Here are the scores from our November casting tournament, which was a lot of fun! We were lucky enough to have some great weather that day. Our next tournament is January 15 starting at 9:30 am. Come down to watch or compete - we welcome beginners too!

Trout Fly

Glenn McCormick 100
Chris Korich 100
Glen Ozawa 97
Maxine McCormick 97
Ralph Hardin 96
John Thiele 96
Ken – “C” caster 93
Elaine Gong 91
Alice Gillibert 87

Dry Fly

Chris Korich 100
Glen Ozawa 99
Maxine McCormick 96
Glenn McCormick 96
Elaine Gong 93
Ralph Hardin 93
Ken “C” caster 93
John Thiele 81


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