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Tenkara Fish Outing Report

Fishing with a Tenkara Rod… South Fork, Boise by Luong Tam I love winter fishing because it is less crowded and fun. Fish are feed primarily on midges. This time of year, it is very cold in Idaho…. Read More

How Much Did We Raise For Mariano?

Earlier this year, Mariano’s home burned down in the California wildfires. His family’s home was completely destroyed. You can watch Mariano being interviewed on TV.                          … Read More

Fly Casting for Excellence and the Money Cast

(by Luis Montes) Fly fishing is my passion. It provides quiet interludes between the press and stress of my other passion, my law practice. I took up fly fishing on a tactical whim and on a friend’s advice… Read More

OCC Member Receives National Recognition

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is proud to announce that Wildlife Officer Nicole Kozicki has been selected as the Pogue-Elms Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. The award is considered their highest honor. “We… Read More

OCC Public Casting Lessons Increasing in Popularity

On June 17, The Oakland Casting Club hosted our public casting lessons, led by Luis Montes. Although it was a hot day, a large group of people learned how to fly cast from some of the best casters… Read More

East Bay Times Profiles OCC Member!

Read all about it! Read all about it! Nicole Kozicki, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Officer of the Year in 2017, has been profiled in the East Bay Times. It’s a great article, and as you… Read More

It’s Never (NEVER!) Too Late to Learn!

St. Mary’s Garden, an affordable housing community for seniors, visited the ponds on May 16 for some casting demonstrations and lessons. Our OCC ambassadors were Alice Gillibert, Elaine Gong, Mike Young and Charlie Kobata. Alice reports that, “It… Read More

Did We Finish Cleaning The Pool?

With the help of many members, you bet we did! Thank you to everyone who came out and thank you also to those who wanted to come, but couldn’t help us. We could not have done it without… Read More

One Key to a Good Front Cast Is a Better Back Cast

As I started casting to targets, I began to notice an occasional dip in the fly leg of my front loop. It was a precursor to a tailing loop. If the dip was bigger or the loop was… Read More

OCC Member Scores a Perfect 100!

LUIS MONTES scored a perfect 100 in Trout Fly Accuracy competition at Sunday’s casting tournament! It is believed less than a dozen individuals have ever scored a perfect 100 in Trout Fly competition! Hitting 15 out of 15… Read More