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OCC Member Scores a Perfect 100!

LUIS MONTES scored a perfect 100 in Trout Fly Accuracy competition at Sunday's casting tournament!

It is believed less than a dozen individuals have ever scored a perfect 100 in Trout Fly competition!

Hitting 15 out of 15 targets, making mandatory dry, wet and roll casts over 3 rounds, is no easy feat, but directly related to fundamental casting and line management skills needed for trout fishing!

The Trout Fly game was devised by OCC's first World Casting Champion, JIM GREEN, famous rod designer of the Fenwick fiberglass and first generation HMG graphite rods, to challenge anglers across the U.S.

It was actually cast for the first time in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC, at the 1968 National Casting Championships!

How appropriate that Luis Montes cast his historic round with a mid 1960's Fenwick Fiberglass 8.5' 6wt, designed by Jim Green and made famous by Bay Area casters over 50 years ago!!



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